History of FIPT

The Flyers International Partnership Trust (Registered Charity no. 1138887) was set up in February 2008 to support and develop the growing work in Moldova that was initiated in 2004 by Rob & Jo Allen, originally with their church youth group.

Our key aims are, through a practical and holistic approach to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to support local initiatives working among children, young people and poor communities. We want this to also provide educational and personal development opportunities for the young people, to encourage them to become involved in those activities too, thereby helping to build local capacity and leadership skills.

Over the years:

  • We have organised teams from the UK and Moldova to lead Summer Camps and Clubs
  • Rob and Jo have visited Moldova regularly to:
  • + organise youth conferences
  • + provide support and training opportunities
  • + support local children’s and youth groups
  • + visit schools to take part in English classes

It has been great for us to see how, with encouragement and opportunities, young people, some aged only 13 and 14, can take on responsibilities and respond positively. Some of them started a weekly children’s club after our 2009 Summer Camp because they wanted to give something back for everything they’d received! It has been a joy for us to see them grow, use their experience practically and to receive positive feedback from them and their families.