So here we are...

Post date: May 11, 2019 10:12:11 PM

With everyone present (if not necessarily correct) at Rob & Jo’s on Saturday morning (11 May) we headed off on our adventure. No holdups on the M25, Dartford Crossing or M11, so we arrived at Stansted with plenty of time to spare.

After coffee and finishing off second breakfast, we checked in and then joined the long snake of a queue through security. Air side was a pleasant surprise compared to the sparse area before departures, so we were able to relax and have our daily team ‘reflection’ from Nehemiah, led by Linda. Our gate came up and it was therefore time for the next queue.

The flight was entirely mundane, passport control was negotiated without incident and we were greeted at Arrivals by not only Victor and his eldest, Mia, but a small posse of Kristina, Kristina’s mum, Magda’s mum and Gabi, who had been looking after Rob’s Moldovan mobile.

Following numerous hugs, kisses, exchange of goods and a quick chin wag, the welcoming party caught the trolleybus back into Chişinău, while we headed up to load Victor’s van with all our luggage and start the 3 hour drive up to Cobani.

It was wonderful to be greeted like this and to see some of our friends from the city, even in passing.

We did add a stop on the journey for coffee and plăcinte for our evening meal…

…but otherwise made steady progress, arriving in the village just after midnight to head to our various lodgings.

So travel safely completed and time for some rest before heading into our week here. We’re really looking forward to that, and hope that you will join us in praying that it will be a useful, fruitful and informative visit.